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About CRN India

CRN India is a research network founded in 2015 to provide a comprehensive solution to potential hurdles associated with conducting clinical research in India. The network partners with researchers/clinicians, primary care physicians, contract research organizations, site management organizations, the Government, health associations, not for profit organizations, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as the patients and public. Our purpose is to provide the critical link between policy makers, researchers, health caregiver, and the beneficiaries (patient/public) in health care delivery settings. Our activities mainly comprise of Research co-ordination and management of Regulation and Governance policies.


With over 100 sites in 29 states, today, CRN India is one of the largest alliances of clinical trial research sites in the India. CRN India offers efficient network of experienced investigators who provide practical help in identifying and recruiting patients for Portfolio studies, so that researchers can be confident of completing the study on time high quality Phase I – IV clinical trials on drugs, biologicals, vaccines, devices in both adult and pediatric population.


There is a commitment from investigators from different states to ensure working together in an integrated manner to share thoughts and experiences, develop joint initiatives and promote partnership supports the delivery of a portfolio of clinical research studies, including life-sciences industry studies, across India. The Network works with patients and the community to make sure patients gain earlier access to new and better treatments through research participation. The Network has experienced team of primary care physicians interested in public health and epidemiologic research to increase acceptance level of health program benefits, providing information to health policy-makers beyond that obtained by individual-based clinical trials, and improving health in a cost-effective manner.


Other than experienced investigators, we also provide science writers as another value- added service you benefit from when partnering with CRN India.


Mission is highest levels of excellence and quality with passion, knowledge and integrity.


Vision to MAKE INDIA as a World leader in ethical clinical research.


Goal to provide Healthy life to every individual through translational research

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